Russia-Ukraine war: EU to prepare new sanctions on Moscow; Zelenskiy lays out peace formula at UN – live updates

EU foreign policy chief says Putin’s partial mobilisation shows panic and desperation; Zelenskiy calls on UN to adopt five-point formula

The partial mobilisation announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin will not generate significant extra combat capability for months, the Institute for the Study of War writes in its latest report. The thinktank’s analysts also believe Putin comments about nuclear weapons did not mean he would use them to defend annexed areas of Ukraine.

Putin’s order to mobilize part of Russia’s “trained” reserve, that is, individuals who have completed their mandatory conscript service, will not generate significant usable Russian combat power for months. It may suffice to sustain the current levels of Russian military manpower in 2023 by offsetting Russian casualties, although even that is not yet clear.

The Zaporizhzhia power plant has faced almost daily shelling and bombardment, raising fears of a nuclear accident.

Rafael Grossi, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that as a result of the separate meetings with Ukraine’s Dmytro Kuleba and Russia’s Sergey Lavrov, work has already begun on establishing and shaping the zone.

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