Teen’s Particular Method Of Confronting Her Father Opens A Discussion About Family Roles

Each family has different dynamics that most members follow since they are born in the household; however, it doesn't always mean they are right. For example, the roles of stay-at-home parents have always been controversial; while some praise them for the challenging tasks, others minimize the effort it takes.

This 16-year-old teen has some strong opinions about her stay-at-home mom, who has to handle her and her siblings and take care of the house when her husband returns from work. The teen shared her experience on Reddit, asking if what she had done was wrong.

She said that her father didn't acknowledge any of her mom's work and was constantly complaining about the state of the house and the noise rather than thanking her. The poster wasn't happy with this situation and decided that the best way to confront her father was to show him exactly what he looked like.

She got a suit and made a fake mustache out of black tape to dress up like her father. Then, she started yelling and complaining, using her "best macho voice," while her father watched her speechless. He responded that he didn't understand what she was doing, and she explained that she was acting just like him.

The father went outside and didn't speak to her, but she thought it was the best way to acknowledge his behavior, though later, he told her that he felt disrespected. On the other hand, her mom said that though it was hilarious, she had hurt her dad's feelings.

It Was A Nightmare Every Time Her Dad Got Home She Yelled All Of Her Father's Usual Comments Both Of Her Parents Had Something To Say About Her Behavior

Though the teen's reaction was perceived as funny, it also opened a lot of discussion about parents' behaviors and how they affect their children in the future. As a family therapist, Judy Bartkowiak explained, this type of situation harmed the kids because they learned that it is okay to treat their future partners a certain way.

There have always been stay-at-home parents, but it's constantly viewed as a mediocre role mainly related to women. However, according to Pew Research Center, this stereotype might be changing.

They reported that in the last decade, there had been a rise of 20% of stay-at-home parents, and a quarter of them are fathers. Some take some time from work, others have economic reasons, and others enjoy being with their children.

Still, there is a long way to go since 78% are still women, and despite common beliefs, the parents who stay at home are more likely to have a college degree and are more likely to keep their family out of poverty.

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