Avril Lavigne environmental protester defends topless stunt: ‘We created an international buzz’

The environmental protester who went viral Monday night after crashing the 2023 Juno Awards stage topless explained that she appeared without a shirt to deliberately draw attention.

The woman, identified as Casey “Ever” Hatherly, spoke to reporters after appearing in Edmonton court on Wednesday for her charge of mischief for appearing on the stage. When asked why she took the stage topless, she explained that she intentionally appeared without a shirt to get people talking.

“We created an international buzz, and even if people aren’t asking the right questions now, they will be. And this is, like I said, our mobilization effort. We’re On2Ottawa, and we hope that you will join us as we demand a citizens’ assembly to address the desperate need for climate change action now,” Hatherly said.

“I think to get people’s attention, you got to do something drastic,” she added. “I know that I have an incredible amount of privilege, and it is my absolute privilege to stand up and fight for something I believe in. And if the best way that I can do that is by playing the cards that I’m dealt, I have White privilege, I have perfect titties and a huge a–, so I got the attention that On2Ottawa needed.”


The environmental organization On2Ottawa took credit for the stunt on Twitter after Hatherly said that they paid for her trip.

“On2Ottawa’s own eVer really wants your attention. You see we’ve only got 2 years before our GHG emissions need to peak and then come down as fast as possible. These next two years are the most important in human history. Please join us in Ottawa to press for a Citizens Assembly,” the group tweeted.

“Everybody just saw a topless protester, but they’re looking now,” Hatherly agreed.

When questioned how she reached the stage, Hatherly replied, “I just walked up there. It was so easy.” She also stated that her charges have been changed from mischief to unlawful obstruction.

While on the stage, Hatherly crossed paths with punk singer Avril Lavigne who was introducing performer AP Dhillon. Although Lavigne largely ignored Hatherly as she walked on the stage, she later confronted Hatherly as she was escorted off by security.

“Get the f— off,” Lavigne told the protester. “Get the f— off, b–ch.” 

Regarding Lavigne’s reaction, Hatherly admitted she was a little surprised by the response but appreciated it anyway as it “got people talking.”


“I truly did hope that Avril would be punk rock and girl power, maybe hand me the mic – but to be honest, I don’t think it could have gone better,” Hatherly said. “She wasn’t polite, but it definitely got people talking.”

According to reports, On2Ottawa is seeking a citizens’ assembly from the federal government by April 1. This deadline comes days before Hatherly’s next court date on April 5.


Hatherly also took part in topless protests in both Victoria and Vancouver. More recently, three On2Ottawa protesters were arrested on Mar. 1 after defacing a Woolly Mammoth replica at the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria with pink paint. The three were later charged with mischief.

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