Hunt reignites Tory civil war with Truss as former Prime Minister attacks his tax hikes

Hunt was asked by MPs if the government’s economic plans had been “consistent” over recent administrations, or whether they were more “bumpy”.

He replied: “I think it has been more coherent than you might think, with one exception, yes there were some mistakes in the mini-budget, which we had to reverse.

“It is clear you can’t fund tax cuts through increased borrowing.”

Later he agreed with Labour MP Rushanara Ali that Ms Truss had cost the country over £1 billion a day with the calculation that the mini Budget cost the country £55 billion in her 49 days as Prime Minister.

Ms Truss appointed Mr Hunt shortly before she resigned whhen she sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor and he reversed most of her mini-budget policies.

He carried on as Rishi Sunak’s Chancellor but Ms Truss has launched a fightback with her new Conservatives for Growth group championing tax cuts.

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