JESSE WATTERS: Ron DeSantis launches unconventional campaign, sets his sights on Trump’s COVID response

Fox News host Jesse Watters weighs in on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ glitchy presidential launch on Twitter on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: It’s been three days since Ron DeSantis announced his run for president and the gloves are off. But before we get into that, I’ve been sidelined with food poisoning, so I never got a shot to analyze the Twitter launch. He decided to buck tradition, teamed up with Musk to announce on Twitter with no video. 

Now, in some ways it was effective – since it was out of the box, it got buzz. But he missed an opportunity to show America his face. This was maybe the biggest moment of his career, and there’s no video of it. There was nothing for networks to broadcast, no clips to distribute and run on loop for days, nothing to post online. Newspapers and websites couldn’t even slap the announcement image on the front page. Plus, you run the risk of glitches and that could have been executed better. 

But on the flip side, his team says the risk paid off because the guy has raised a ton of money since then. He raised over $ 8 million in 24 hours and that’s a record. And now that the Twitter launch is out of the way, DeSantis is sticking to a more traditional campaign approach. He’s doing the media blitz, Fox, talk radio, podcasts. And next week, he’s holding events in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. So his foot’s on the gas and his sights are set on Trump, who’s looking to neutralize Ron strength on COVID.

There’s definitely room for DeSantis to attack Trump with the Fauci thing, and that’s going to be interesting to watch. But will COVID really be a factor in the Republican primary, probably not covered in the past. So if DeSantis is going to use COVID against Trump, he’s got to make it about tomorrow. Why does that matter in 2024? I haven’t heard him advance that issue into the future yet.

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