Robert F Kennedy Jr attacks Biden’s ‘disaster’ border policy, calls it unsustainable

2024 Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took direct aim at President Joe Biden’s immigration policies in a new op-ed, calling them a disaster.

Writing in Newsweek, Kennedy ripped the Biden administration for “refusing to secure our southern border” which has led to “endless floods of migrants pouring through an open border” and “impossible burdens” for American cities.

He wrote, “According to [New York City Mayo Eric] Adams, the status quo of 110,000 migrant arrivals in just the last year is utterly unsustainable and threatens to ‘destroy the city.’ To address the financial impact of the crisis, which he estimates could cost $ 12 billion by 2025, he directed city agencies to cut 5 percent from spending by November.”


The candidate mentioned several other cities facing the same issues as New York City, stating, “Cities across the U.S. are experiencing crises in social services and severe budget shortfalls because of the unprecedented migrant influx. Chicago is facing a $ 538 million budget shortfall for 2024 with more than a third of that shortfall resulting from the migrant crisis, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.”

Kennedy Jr. laid this situation at the feet of President Biden, writing, “Clearly, the migrant crisis resulting from the Biden administration’s refusal to secure our southern border has created impossible burdens for municipalities across the country.”

“The idea of sanctuary cities was to protect immigrants from ICE raids. But no city can manage endless floods of migrants pouring through an open border,” he declared.

No country can sustain nearly two million migrants a year, Kennedy wrote. It’s one of several stances Kennedy has taken that puts him at odds with the establishment of his own party. In fact, polls show him far more popular with Republicans than Democrats, but the scion of the famous political family hasn’t signaled he’ll switch parties.


Imploring the country to see Biden’s “charade”, he stated, “I call upon all Americans, of every party and political persuasion, to face facts. President Biden’s loose border policy has been a disaster. Under Biden, it’s easier for migrants to enter illegally than legally. His policy is tantamount to ‘narrow gate, no fence.’”

Kennedy Jr. called this a “de facto open border policy” that has resulted in “a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions.”

He added, “It isn’t only border communities that have been caught in the crossfire. Civil disorder is encroaching into the interior of the U.S. as destitute migrants flood American cities, overwhelming humanitarian resources.”

In a parting shot to the current administration, he concluded, “Current policies are failing our country and putting an intolerable strain on American cities that have already faced unprecedented challenges in the last three years. We desperately need a different approach.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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