SEAN HANNITY: Hunter Biden is back in the news and not for his world-renowned artwork

FOX News host Sean Hannity reacts to Hunter Biden demanding a public House testimony on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Hunter Biden is back in the news and not for his world-renowned artwork. Now, tonight, the president’s 53-year-old son is attempting to dodge what is a House subpoena. Now, Hunter’s lawyers say that their client is willing to only appear for a public hearing before the House of Representatives, not a closed-door deposition as the law requires. Now, if you or I would receive a subpoena from Congress, we would be forced to comply or we would be facing possible jail time, but Hunter seems to think he’s above the law.  


Well, I wonder where he got that impression from. Maybe it was the attempted sweetheart plea deal with David Weiss or David Weiss allowing the statute of limitations to pass. Or maybe his daddy’s DOJ running out the clock on many of Hunter’s serious tax violations or Hunter’s ability to purchase massive quantities of drugs and hire foreign prostitutes with zero legal consequences whatsoever. Or possibly, it was all that money that Hunter took in from America’s geopolitical foes like Russia and China and Romania, etc., while his father was in a position of great power and great influence, all while apparently not paying quite a bit of money in taxes and on a lot of income.  

That has to be resolved. All of this for work that he has zero experience in at a time where he was admittedly addicted to drugs. While the very liberal and biased and politicized and weaponized Biden DOJ drags its feet, the Republican House is taking action. Contrary to what Democrats would have you believe, the GOP’s impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is very serious. 

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