Tyre Nichols death: Memphis officials say eight additional police officers could face discipline

Officials in Memphis say that eight additional police officers could be disciplined in an internal police department investigation following the death of Tyre Nichols. Memphis City Attorney Jennifer Sink said … Read More

Christian Atsu, Ghana soccer star, found alive in rubble after powerful earthquake leaves thousands dead

Christian Atsu, a Ghanaian soccer star who played in the English Premier League for Everton and Newcastle United, was found alive in the aftermath of an earthquake that struck Turkey … Read More

WH press secretary gets scorched for fumbled explanation on China spy flights: ‘What a load of crap’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was blasted on Monday after she tried to explain the revelation that there had been three Chinese spy balloons during the Trump administration but … Read More

Eagles’ Nick Siranni gives one-word answer to reporter’s obvious question during Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl LVII festivities officially kicked off Monday night in Arizona as media were allowed access to players and coaches from the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles ahead of … Read More

Gamer site features note ‘concerning JK Rowling’ in Hogwarts Legacy review on ‘whether it’s ethical to play’

IGN reviewer Travis Northup suggested that it could be unethical to play the latest “Hogwarts Legacy” action role-playing game because of J.K. Rowling in his Monday review. The website released … Read More

Biden admin’s closed-door briefing on Chinese spying blasted by top Republican as ‘unspecific, insufficient’

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., blasted the Biden administration shortly after receiving a closed-door briefing Monday from senior officials regarding the Chinese spy flight crisis. The classified briefing was “unspecific, … Read More

Pompeo calls out ‘deeply dangerous’ accusation Trump Pentagon didn’t notify WH of Chinese balloons

After the Biden administration reportedly said they would like to brief former Trump officials of three alleged prior Chinese spycraft flyovers of North America, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo … Read More

Boy in North Carolina sells fresh eggs to bakery: ‘He is saving me money and helping,’ says owner

An 11-year-old in North Carolina is supplying a local bakery with farm-fresh eggs, and both the bakery owner and the budding entrepreneur are benefiting from their agreement. Courtney Johnson, owner … Read More

Thousands of Austin residents still without power week after storm, prompting evaluation of city manager’s job

Nearly one week after a deadly winter storm swept through Texas, toppling trees and bringing down power lines, about 20,000 residents of the state capital of Austin were still without … Read More

Rumored Senate candidate Elissa Slotkin announces divorce from husband after moving to home of lobbyist, donor

Rumored Senate candidate and current Democratic Michigan Representative Elissa Slotkin announced over the weekend that she and her husband are getting a divorce, according to a report by the Detroit … Read More

Virginia teacher emails reveal ‘behavioral difficulties’ with 6-year-old who shot her: report

It has been a week since classes resumed at Richneck Elementary in Newport News, Virginia, and emails between teacher Abby Zwerner and school administrators regarding “behavioral difficulties” with the 6-year-old … Read More

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