Texas murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong’s lawyers accuse police of using invalid arrest warrant

A lawyer for captured fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong is accusing police of using an invalid arrest warrant against the Texas yoga-instructor-turned-murder-suspect, according to local reports. Armstrong, 34, is accused of killing … Read More

NY Times columnist Krugman throws cold water on Biden’s recent successes: Not as ‘impressive’ as media claim

In his latest column for the New York Times, economist and author Paul Krugman acknowledged that President Joe Biden has “accomplished a lot” in office but admitted that the accomplishments … Read More

Twitter crushes CNN piece celebrating falling gas prices as ‘$100-a-month-raise’: ‘Next level gaslighting’

Twitter went wild over a CNN Business article on Friday spinning recently-lowered gas prices in the country as a “$ 100-a-month raise.” The piece, written by CNN Business senior writer … Read More

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez relax at ‘old school’ coffee shop ahead of extravagant 3-day wedding

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoyed a relaxing moment at a Savannah, Georgia coffee shop ahead of their three-day wedding celebration this weekend. Lopez, 53, and Affleck, 50, stopped into … Read More

Army veteran witnesses border crisis firsthand as part of cleanup operation: ‘Like nothing I’ve ever seen’

An Army veteran joined “Fox & Friends First” Friday to detail the inhumane conditions he witnessed at the southern border while cleaning up trash as a part of his organization’s, … Read More

Gov. Newsom blasts Oakland leaders for not handling rampant homeless encampments

The office of California governor Gavin Newsom sent a strongly-worded letter to Oakland leaders on Thursday, calling their lack of responsibility for curbing city homeless encampments “simply unacceptable.” The letter … Read More

California man convicted in pair of 1980s rape-murder cold cases: ‘Sexually motivated serial killer’

A California man was convicted in Los Angeles Thursday for the rape and murder of two women in the 1980s, after investigators linked him to the case using new DNA … Read More

TIME op-ed mocked for suggesting GOP used the ‘Soviet skill’ of ‘disappearing someone’ on Liz Cheney

TIME Washington Correspondent Philip Elliott compared the Republican Party to the Soviets Wednesday, saying the GOP “disappeared” Liz Cheney, to the mockery of Twitter users. “It’s not just the Soviets … Read More

Bishop Robert Baron schools The Atlantic for suggesting the rosary is ‘an extremist symbol’

Bishop Robert Barron slammed a recent article in The Atlantic as “offensive” Wednesday, warning that America’s new woke religion is resurrecting anti-Catholic bigotry. Bishop Barron, a Catholic theologian and author, … Read More

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