From size 22 to 8 – Mum’s huge weight loss transformation after ‘changing room’ nightmare

Alice Ingman, a 59-year-old mum, steadily gained weight for years not realising she started to reach more than 18st 1lb. Now she has been named Slimming World’s Diamond Member of … Read More

Biden risks it all by calling Putin’s bluff with weapon capable of striking Russia’s heart

EXCLUSIVE: Colonel Richard Kemp expects Vladimir Putin will “start threatening and blustering” over the US giving Ukraine ATACMS, but as Russia refuses to attack NATO, it “won’t mean anything”. Daily … Read More

Three DIY methods to ‘effortlessly’ remove ‘tough’ limescale ‘without expensive solutions’

Limescale is a common issue in areas with hard water and can impact the efficiency of appliances and the quality of water. Luckily, experts have offered “cost-effective ways” for homeowners … Read More

‘Easiest way’ to take rose cuttings for ‘the greatest success’ in growing beautiful blooms

Just one rose plant can look stunning in gardens, but imagine how incredible it would look to have multiple dotted around. Multiply your blooms by taking cuttings properly and at … Read More

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