Cop allegedly kills ex-girlfriend with service gun after promising ‘no one’ else could have her

A police officer in Argentina allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend dead earlier this week at her workplace after barging in and claiming, “You’re mine or no one’s,” according to reports.  Sergio … Read More

Israeli PM Netanyahu tells Bret Baier ‘we’re getting closer to peace every day that passes’ with Saudi Arabia

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday said he was glad to hear the optimistic tone from Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about ongoing efforts to normalize relations … Read More

Mexico’s fifth largest employer is helping kill Americans. Some Republicans are ready to declare literal war

Cartels are collectively Mexico’s fifth-largest employer, according to a recent study, and some Republican presidential candidates are ready to take them out with military force. A mathematical model of the … Read More

Prince Harry’s ‘snide remarks’ that broke Princess Kate’s trust and sparked royal rift

Prince Harry reportedly made a “snide remark” that broke the Princess of Wales‘s trust – and, in turn, sparked the royal rift between them. According to one royal expert, this comment … Read More

Is Britain broken? Strikes, schools at risk of collapse expose broader challenges facing U.K.

In the U.K., a growing mound of public infrastructure problems — understaffed prisons, schools that are literally crumbling, several public-sector strikes — is feeding a deep sense of gloom across … Read More

Wingsuit skydiver in France decapitated by aircraft’s wing moments after jumping from plane: reports

A wingsuit skydiver with over 225 jumps under his belt was decapitated by the wing of an airplane 20 seconds after jumping from the aircraft over South France in July … Read More

Canadian-founded Rumble rejects British government request on Russell Brand content

Rumble, Canadian-founded video platform that has gained currency among right-wing pundits and websites, is rejecting a request from a British parliamentary committee to stop comedian Russell Brand from being able … Read More

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