‘This is absolute hell’ 10-year-old boy left screaming due to ‘suicide disease’ – symptoms

AFTER being diagnosed with a condition that has been dubbed the “suicide disease”, 10-year-old Dillon Wilford begged his mother to have his leg amputated. Now his mother is desperately trying … Read More

‘Absolute mess’: Brits continue to experience major Royal Mail delays – affected postcodes

ROYAL MAIL has been experiencing delays due to increased demand over the Christmas period, as well as staff shortages due to many isolating as Omicron cases continue to surge. How … Read More

HIV documentary highlights ‘terror’ felt by gay community ‘Absolute attack on homosexuals’

POSITIVE is an impactful documentary series on Sky highlighting the real-life heroes throughout Britain’s 40-year battle with HIV. Contributors to the documentary spoke to Express.co.uk about their experiences. Daily Express … Read More

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