Whale capsizes boat leaving 1 person dead, another injured in ‘absolute freak accident’: officials

A breaching whale Saturday capsized a nearly 15-foot boat off the coast of Australia, leaving one man dead and another in the hospital, officials said.  “At 6 this morning, police … Read More

Red wine flows through town’s streets after distillery tank accident releases more than half a million gallons

The small town of Levira, Portugal was on the verge of an environmental disaster on Monday after two holding tanks containing nearly 600,000 gallons of red wine burst, sending a … Read More

Teen who suffered loss of leg in accident is called ‘lazy child’ on train, ordered to ‘get up’ from seat

A teenager shared an unfortunate personal story on Reddit — and in a very short time has elicited some 15,000 reactions and 2,000 comments from others on social media who … Read More

Man involved in Treat Williams’ fatal accident says he considered the actor a friend, charges are unwarranted

The man charged in Treat Williams’ fatal car accident says he knew the late actor and considered him a friend. Ryan Koss, who had been notified earlier this week he … Read More

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