Child accidentally hangs herself in amusement park inflatable while staff stared at phones: Report

A child in Ukraine died after she accidentally strangled herself inside an inflatable trampoline on May 13. The incident happened when the child, just 4-years-old, was playing on an inflatable … Read More

Celtics’ Grant Williams bloodied as head accidentally stepped on by Joel Embiid: ‘I really got curb stomped’

Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams had his head smashed into the court during the fourth quarter of Boston’s 114-102 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers Friday night.  While scrambling for a … Read More

Russia admits its own warplane accidentally bombed Russian city of Belgorod, near Ukraine border

Moscow — When a powerful blast shook a Russian city near the border of Ukraine residents thought it was a Ukrainian attack. But the Russian military quickly acknowledged that it was … Read More

Bill Clinton accidentally gives pro-Second Amendment argument during interview on Russia-Ukraine War

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said during an interview Wednesday that he regrets forcing Ukraine to dismantle its nuclear program amid the country’s ongoing war with Russia. He said the … Read More

President Biden accidentally shares detail about Jimmy Carter’s health at private Democratic fundraiser

Immediately after President Joe Biden accidentally revealed a previously unknown detail about former President Jimmy Carter’s health towards the end of a speech Monday evening, before admitting he “should not … Read More

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