‘My Jaw Just Hit The Floor’: DoorDash Customer Is Furious After Receiving Raw Rolls With Cooking Instructions

Millions of people rely on food delivery services for their regular meals. Having your favorite meals sent right to your doorstep saves you the time of having to cook or … Read More

Coast Guard suspends search for 16 migrants missing after boat sank off Florida during Hurricane Ian

The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended the search for 16 migrants who are still missing after their boat capsized off the Florida coast during Hurricane Ian. Two bodies had previously … Read More

Cardinals’ defensive end J.J. Watt tweets that he plans to play days after his “heart was shocked back into rhythm”

Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J Watt tweeted Sunday that he would be playing despite that he “had my heart shocked back into rhythm” after it went into atrial fibrillation last … Read More

Russia-Ukraine war: Russians flee Lyman as Ukrainian troops retake city a day after Putin’s illegal annexation – live

Russian defence ministry says troops have withdrawn amid ‘threat of encirclement’ It’s 12pm in Ukraine, here’s the latest: Ukraine has encircled Russia’s forces around a bastion that is critical for … Read More

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