Benjamin Netanyahu lays out agenda for third term: Stop Iranian aggression and expand peace in the region

Israeli Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu laid out the threat of Iranian aggression and how shifting Arab-Israeli relations will impact the country’s future Thursday on “Hannity.”  Netanyahu said two of the … Read More

Stefanik slams Pentagon for late review of diversity official: ‘Coverup of their radical woke agenda’

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., accused the Defense Department of slow-walking a review of a diversity official, who once tweeted she is “exhausted with these White folx,” and said the delay … Read More

Doctor warns ‘woke’ agenda gaining foothold in medical colleges: ‘Diversity above merit’

A recent study from the Association of American Medical Colleges shows that diversity, equity and inclusion policies have gained a significant foothold in American medical colleges, and a medical expert … Read More

NYC heiress says mom paid big bucks ‘deprogrammer’ after daughter ‘brainwashed’ by liberal college woke agenda

New York City pharmaceutical heiress Annabella Rockwell is claiming that her mother paid a $ 300-a-day “deprogrammer” after believing her daughter had been “brainwashed” by attending an all-female elite liberal … Read More

Hispanics have ‘woken up’ and are rejecting AOC and the woke agenda, says Rachel Campos-Duffy

“Fox & Friends Weekend” host Rachel Campos-Duffy argued Democrats’ woke policies are driving away Hispanic voters. On “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, Campos-Duffy highlighted “anti-family” policies turning Hispanic voters toward Republican … Read More

McCarthy, House Republicans highlight economy, education in ‘Commitment to America’ agenda

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy introduced the GOP’s “Commitment to America” package on Friday, Republicans’ shared sales pitch ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. McCarthy came out swinging in his … Read More

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