‘Vulnerable Democrats’ feeling ‘marked increase’ in enthusiasm among voters after ‘legislative wins’: CBS News

CBS News reported Thursday that Democrats, especially vulnerable ones running for re-election in the fall, are feeling a “marked increase” in enthusiasm among voters.  “With less than 100 days until … Read More

Cancer: Four sensations in the leg could be among ‘first clues’ signalling ‘lethal’ cancer

THE ILL-DEFINED nature of cancer symptoms can significantly delay referrals, so keeping well-informed of warning signs is crucial. According to recent findings, however, up to 70 percent of cancer patients … Read More

Diabetes: ‘Missing teeth’ among ‘less noticeable’ complications of the disease says expert

THE DIABETES health crisis is advancing at full tilt. But despite tireless efforts from the NHS during the pandemic, many newly-diagnosed diabetics were unable to access the right care. According … Read More

Statin side effects: Risk of drug-induced eczema may be ‘significant’ among users – study

STATINS have significantly softened the burden of heart disease, slashing the risk of heart attack and stroke for thousands. But the drugs’ associations with muscle-related complications continue to be problematic. … Read More

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