At least 85 civilians, including women and children, dead after ‘mistaken’ army drone attack

Emergency response officials said at least 85 people have been confirmed dead after a “mistaken” army drone attack on a religious gathering in northwest Nigeria. The victims were killed Sunday … Read More

Religious service bombed, 120 civilians reported dead in Nigerian military attack gone awry

A Nigerian military attack that used drones to target rebels instead killed some civilians, government and military officials said Monday. The misfire during a religious celebration was the latest such … Read More

Jewish-owned shop vandalized in pro-Palestinian attack reopens as police investigate potential hate crime

A Jewish-owned ice cream shop that closed after being vandalized with pro-Palestinian graffiti last month recently reopened, the owner announced.  “We are thrilled to announce that we have reopened our … Read More

Right-wing U.S. media covered fiction as fact: A non-existent terrorist attack from Canada at Rainbow Bridge

For a few hours, America’s right-wing media treated fiction as fact, speculating the explosion at a Canada-U.S. border crossing near Niagara Falls was a terrorist attack from Canada — feeding … Read More

Fox News’ Benjamin Hall returns to Ukraine for first time since near-fatal attack, interviews Zelenskyy

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall returned to Ukraine over the weekend for the first time since the attack that left him catastrophically injured in March of 2022. Hall’s trip was organized … Read More

Yoon warns South Korea, United States must be ready for ‘Hamas-style’ surprise attack from North Korea

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol reportedly told U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin both of their nations should be ready for “Hamas-style” attacks from North Korea in the region.  The … Read More

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