Morgan Campbell writes of his epic 100-metre battle in memoir ‘My Fighting Family’

The debut memoir from award-winning journalist Morgan Campbell: an incredible history of a family’s battles across generations, a hilarious and emotional coming-of-age story, and a powerful reckoning with what it … Read More

PWHL’s ‘Battle on Bay Street’ at Scotiabank Arena sets attendance record for women’s hockey

Friday night’s Professional Women’s Hockey League game between Toronto and Montreal at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto set the attendance record for women’s hockey with 19,285 fans. CBC | Sports News

A court battle between the CRA and the Toronto Maple Leafs captain could be pivotal for other pro athletes

Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares is taking the Canada Revenue Agency to court over an $ 8 million tax bill in a case experts say could be pivotal for some pro athletes, … Read More

Bill Maher slams Biden, GOPers ‘acting’ in border crisis battle: They should get ‘an award’ this awards season

“Real Time” host Bill Maher railed against President Biden and Republican lawmakers over their posturing in their ongoing border crisis battle, insisting their “acting” is worthy of an award.  During … Read More

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