Trump’s expected ‘arrest’: The politics and power plays behind these legally feeble charges

With word from former President Donald Trump that he will “be arrested” on a criminal indictment engineered by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over alleged hush money payments made during … Read More

Chowchilla bus kidnapping survivor Jodi Heffington’s lifelong fight to keep her captors behind bars

Produced by Chris Young Ritzen, George Osterkamp, Mead Stone and Gary Winter In August 2022, after 46 years, the last of three men convicted of kidnapping 26 children and their … Read More

Behind bars: Thousands of criminals, including notorious MS-13 gang members, start filling new ‘mega prison’

El Salvador has started to fill its mega-prison with a transfer of 2,000 gang members and criminals, including members of MS-13 and Barrio-18.   “Today at dawn, in a single operation, … Read More

‘Runaway’ black hole the size of 20 million suns found speeding through space with a trail of newborn stars behind it

Astronomers have spotted a runaway supermassive black hole, seemingly ejected from its home galaxy and racing through space with a chain of stars trailing in its wake.  According to the … Read More

Kim Kardashian fans suggest she’s behind UFO sightings after alien-themed SKIMS ads: ‘She knows something’

Kim Kardashian debuted her new alien-themed SKIMS swimwear ads amid a spate of recent UFO sightings in the United States — and now the reality star’s fans are questioning the … Read More

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