Philadelphia activist Brandon Chastang: ‘I thought I would be better for the community’

Philadelphia anti-violence and community activist Brandon Chastang explains why he is committed to spreading positivity and helping others even after an assassination attempt on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” BRANDON CHASTANG: The … Read More

‘Upcycled’ EVs are better than ‘all-new’ petrol and diesel vehicles amid investment boost

“Upcycled” electric vehicles are “cleaner, cheaper and better equipped” than their all-new petrol and diesel equivalents, as major investment continues to roll in. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

‘Fastest’ way to remove silicone sealant mould around windows – ‘100% better than bleach’

Silicone sealants are a haven for mould, particularly on windows in bathrooms. Black mould, not only unsightly but can pose health risks too in the form of respiratory irritation, so … Read More

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