Planned Parenthood director claims kids are ‘sexual beings’ from birth while promoting ‘useful’ porn literacy

FIRST ON FOX – An executive director at a Planned Parenthood‘s sex education arm claimed that children are born “sexual” while simultaneously advocating for comprehensive sex education from kindergarten through … Read More

Mena Suvari says she struggles with postpartum depression ‘every day’ more than a year after giving birth

Mena Suvari recently said she struggles with postpartum depression “every day,” more than a year and a half after giving birth to her first child.  The “American Beauty” actress, 43, … Read More

‘New Fear Unlocked!’ TikTokers React To Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until She Was Giving Birth

Think about being nine months pregnant and not knowing anything until the baby is born. Frightening, yes! People are opening up more often to share their experiences, and Tiktoker Simpson … Read More

China begins discouraging abortions and promoting fertility treatment as birth rate plummets

China will discourage abortions and take steps to make fertility treatment more accessible as part of efforts to boost one of the world’s lowest birth rates, its National Health Authority … Read More

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