Russia widens evacuation of occupied Ukrainian territory as UN looks into ‘dirty bomb’ claims

Russia has ordered civilians to leave a swath of Ukraine along the eastern bank of a major river, in a move Kyiv says amounts to the forced depopulation of occupied territory. Meanwhile, … Read More

Ukraine cites success in downing drones as Kyiv and Moscow trade ‘dirty bomb’ accusations

Ukrainian authorities tried to dampen public fears over Russia’s use of Iranian drones by claiming increasing success Monday in shooting them down, while the Kremlin’s talk of a possible “dirty … Read More

California man pleads guilty after threatening to “shoot up and bomb” Merriam-Webster offices over its gender definitions

A California man who threatened violence against Merriam-Webster, Inc. for its gender definitions pleaded guilty in a Massachusetts federal court, the Justice Department said in a press release. Jeremy David … Read More

US airstrike in Syria used 8 manned fighter jets that dropped 9 guided bomb units: official

A Tuesday night U.S. airstrike in eastern Syria hit nine targets using eight manned-combat aircraft to strike facilities used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, Fox News confirmed … Read More

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