‘Absolute travesty!’ Brits furious about Bounty ban – and want another chocolate removed

Chocolate lovers will be given the chance to buy Celebrations tubs without Bounty’s in them ahead of Christmas, but not everyone is happy. Debates have erupted on social media, with … Read More

On this day in history, Oct. 5, 1813, William Henry Harrison routs Brits, Tecumseh in Battle of the Thames

General William Henry Harrison led a stunning victory over British forces and their Native allies in the Battle of the Thames on this day in history, Oct. 5, 1813.  The … Read More

‘The least incognito person I’ve ever seen’: Macron tells Brits he ‘shares their pain’

Emmanuel Macron walked arm in arm with his wife, Brigitte, while wearing sunglasses through the crowds. He was accompanied by his security detail when he stopped to speak to people … Read More

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