‘Probably can’t find Israel on a map’: Americans respond to antisemitism on colleges campuses

Americans were not surprised about antisemitic and pro-Palestinian rallies breaking out on college campuses across the county as the Israel-Hamas war intensifies. “I think they need to grow up and … Read More

Paul Newman’s ‘naughty’ letters to Joanne Woodward discovered by daughter: ‘I can’t put this in the book’

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s daughter was rummaging through their attic at the family’s Westport, Connecticut, home when she made a surprising discovery. “We’d gone through ripped bags,” the 62-year-old … Read More

What is Taylor Swift amnesia? Swifties report they can’t remember her concerts for this reason

Many Swifties are experiencing a post-concert “blank space.” Fans of international pop star Taylor Swift have reported a lack of memory after attending Eras Tour concerts — with some saying … Read More

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