Valley fever could spread from Southwest, driven by climate change, researchers warn: ‘New cases emerging’

For most people who are suffering from fever, cough and fatigue, the likely culprits are cold, flu or COVID-19.  But for those living in the southwestern U.S., the symptoms could … Read More

Striking teachers insist ‘something has to change’ as they launch mass action across UK

Thousands of teachers have been out on strike all across the country today, in what has been dubbed “Walkout Wednesday”, with educators talking of “demoralising” working conditions and the day-to-day … Read More

Girl Guides of Canada announces name change of ‘Brownies’ branch to be more ‘inclusive’ for young girls

The Girl Guides of Canada scouting organization has officially announced a new name for its “Brownies” branch, renaming the group in an effort to become more “inclusive” after some raised … Read More

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