Chicago residents irate with Democrats over migrant crisis, vow to disrupt Democratic National Convention

Residents’ animosity toward the Democratic Party runs deep, according to Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez, who said the anger has only been getting worse due to the growing migrant crisis. The … Read More

Chicago college says ‘no single perspective’ represents entire school after professors send anti-Israel emails

The head of a Chicago college is insisting no “single perspective represents the views of the entire university” after Fox News Digital reported on the sociology professors who repeatedly sent … Read More

Chicago City Council health and human relations chair uses ‘from the river to the sea’ pro-Palestinian phrase

A Chicago alderwoman in a leadership position repeated the phrase “From the River to the sea, Palestine will be free,” on social media Thursday morning. Chicago Ald. Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez, chairwoman … Read More

Chicago doctors use breast implants to perform successful double-lung transplant on 34-year-old man

A 34-year-old Missouri man was recently saved by surgeons at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago who used breast implants to successfully perform a double-lung transplant. Davey Bauer, 34, whose nickname is … Read More

Nearly 1,000 migrating birds die crashing into windows at Chicago exhibition hall: ‘Carpet of dead birds’

Almost 1,000 songbirds died in a single night after smashing into the windows of a glass-fronted exhibition center in Chicago. “It was just like a carpet of dead birds at … Read More

Chicago residents rip mayor, officials for plan to house migrants in local field house: ‘Ain’t having that’

Chicago residents protested Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan to house a large influx of illegal immigrants in a local field house this week.  Frustrated locals gathered for a community meeting … Read More

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell testifies about brother’s Chicago murder before House Judiciary Committee

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell spoke before the House Judiciary Committee during a field hearing in Chicago on Tuesday regarding the city’s violence problem that took his own brother’s life … Read More

Former Chicago mayor eats Fukushima seafood amid nuclear wastewater panic: ‘We are going to all eat it’

U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel ate seafood to support the local fishing industry of Fukushima as China and South Korea continue to protest the treated nuclear wastewater discharge, which … Read More

Chicago teacher charged with attempted production of child porn after he was found with minor at Miami airport

A Chicago private school teacher was arrested and charged with attempted production of child pornography after authorities discovered him at Miami International Airport with a teenager. Emilio Amado Vrdoljak was … Read More

Potential candidate to lead Chicago health department apologizes for lying about having Harvard PhD

A progressive who may be in line to lead Chicago’s Department of Public Health was forced to issue an apology for publicly “misrepresenting” himself as holding a Ph.D. from Harvard.  … Read More

Chicago alderman outraged over new law allowing migrants to become police officers: ‘A political move’

One Chicago alderman spoke out against a new Illinois law that will allow illegal immigrants to become police officers, arguing the legislation is the latest move to make the state … Read More

On this day in history, July 20, 1968, the first Special Olympics Summer Games are held in Chicago

On this day in history, July 20, 1968, athletes competed in the first Special Olympics International Games — now the largest sporting event for people with intellectual disabilities, according to … Read More

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