US sanctions people around the world over human rights abuses, including Afghanistan, China, Iran

The United States Treasury Department announced sanctions on people around the world, including officials in Afghanistan, China and Iran, who have committed or contributed to human rights abuses. In a … Read More

House Oversight Committee chairman reveals how China ‘buys politicians off’

House Oversight Chairman James Comer discussed the latest evidence revealed from the investigation into the Biden family business deals during “Sunday Morning Futures.”The Kentucky congressman revealed to host Maria Bartiromo … Read More

China using AI to ease economic woes, but focus is to stand at the ‘center of the revolution,’ experts warn

China may rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to manage approaching economic troubles, but that is just one part of the spectrum of goals Beijing has for the burgeoning technology, experts … Read More

Philippine coast guard constructs new surveillance base in the South China Sea to monitor Chinese vessels

The Philippine coast guard is looking to counter China’s increasingly aggressive behavior in the disputed South China Sea with a new monitoring base on Thitu Island, a remote island occupied … Read More

China trains children for ‘iron army’ in latest effort to create national ‘combat readiness’: report

China has started training children for military service, drilling “good fighting spirit” into them starting as early as the age of 7 to create an “iron army,” according to a … Read More

How renewing a Bush era program for Africa will help us fend off Russia and China, boost national security

In medical school, I recall learning about HIV/AIDS. Understanding the science behind HIV/AIDS helped build my appreciation of the horrors it can unleash on our fellow humans when they become … Read More

China pressed by World Health Organization after respiratory illness clusters reported

Chinese health officials said Thursday that they have not detected any “unusual or novel diseases” regarding an increase in respiratory illnesses and pneumonia in children, according to the World Health … Read More

WHO asks China for details after spike of respiratory illnesses, clusters of pneumonia in children

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it has officially asked China for detailed information about a concerning spike in respiratory illnesses and clusters of pneumonia in children in parts of … Read More

China tells WHO no ‘novel pathogens’ detected after pneumonia clusters reported among kids

Reports of clusters of unexplained pneumonia among children in multiple cities in China made headlines this week. Yet Chinese authorities and close watchers of the situation say the rise in … Read More

China hosts major meeting with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian diplomats to discuss Israel-Hamas war

China is flexing its diplomatic muscle with a major meeting in Beijing on Monday, welcoming foreign ministers from the Middle East in an attempt to exert its influence over the … Read More

Experts alarmed by China energy plan, appeals court judge squashes Trump NY gag order and more top headlines

FUELING THE CCP – Experts sound the alarm on Biden’s deal with China to shut down oil and gas. Continue reading … OVERRULED – Appeals court shoots down order imposed … Read More

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