Mayor Adams declares ‘help is not on the way’ from the federal government as NYC struggles with migrant crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared in a speech after visiting Washington, D.C., that he sees the “cold reality” his city will have to face the migrant crisis on … Read More

Chicago residents irate with Democrats over migrant crisis, vow to disrupt Democratic National Convention

Residents’ animosity toward the Democratic Party runs deep, according to Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez, who said the anger has only been getting worse due to the growing migrant crisis. The … Read More

Trump calls out immigration crisis during Iowa caucus rally, says he will keep world peaceful, safe

Former President Donald Trump rallied voters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, during a “Commit to Caucus” campaign event Saturday, focusing on his agenda and calling out “the worst, most corrupt president … Read More

GOP, Democrat lawmakers urge more funding for first responders in communities struggling with border crisis

A bipartisan pair of lower chamber lawmakers are calling on the heads of the House Appropriations Committee to consider additional funding support to first responders in border communities. Reps. Ruben … Read More

South Africa launches raids to dismantle coal-smuggling syndicate amid electricity crisis

South African authorities said they conducted raids across five provinces Thursday to break up a coal-smuggling syndicate they blamed for stealing more than $ 26 million in coal, degrading state-owned … Read More

House Judiciary Chairman Jordan praised for leadership on border crisis as speaker’s race heats up

Some Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are touting chairman Jim Jordan’s leadership on efforts to secure the besieged southern border — just as the migrant crisis is hitting new … Read More

Former cops, activists weigh in on why police departments are hemorrhaging officers: ‘A real crisis’

Goodhue, Minnesota, made national news in August when the small town’s entire police force resigned and the local police chief said he’d had “zero” applicants following the resignations. Experts say … Read More

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