Cancel culture or just desserts? Debate erupts over people facing backlash for anti-Israel statements

Conservative columnist Bethany Mandel strongly condemned rhetoric from some American university students blaming the Hamas terrorist attacks on the Israeli government, and rejected arguments that refusing to hire those students … Read More

Helen Mirren criticizes cancel culture in the arts after ‘Golda’ backlash: ‘Alarming and ridiculous’

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren responded to backlash over her casting as former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in the biopic “Golda” as critics call out the decision to allow a … Read More

Nashville music scene fractured by culture wars, lineups changed after political disputes: ‘Doors are shut’

Nashville’s musicians are distancing themselves from those with different political viewpoints, while artists have habitually engaged in cultural disputes, both online and onstage. “It really is weird right now,” one … Read More

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