Chinese currency still depicting Mao Zedong indicates ‘leftist murderers get a pass’ in history

Former communist dictator, Mao Zedong’s portrait on the Chinese currency shows that “leftists murderers seem to get a pass” for their crimes, China expert Gordon Chang said. “If Germany put … Read More

Euro doomed? EU currency ‘may not last forever’ as it enters ‘most perilous decade yet’

THE EURO could be doomed according to one financial expert who says the European-wide currency is entering its most perilous decade yet as soaring inflation rocks the financial stability and … Read More

‘It’s coming!’ – Currency crash and ‘serious trouble’ predictions spark gold warning

HIGHLY ACCLAIMED author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has suggested people consider investing in gold before the impending market crash, saying: “You’re going to wish you had bought … Read More

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