British drivers rage over elderly man’s fine for overtaking a cyclist – ‘Not sensible!’

BRITISH drivers have slammed the decision to fine an elderly driver who was overtaking a cyclist with some calling it “not proportionate or sensible”. Daily Express :: Life and Style … Read More

‘War on incompetent drivers’ Harlow cyclist Highway threat ‘you’ll have your day in court’

HIGHWAY CODE CHANGES were at the centre of This Morning’s debate which saw cycling enthusiasts support the new guidelines claiming they are a “war on incompetent drivers”. ‘War on incompetent … Read More

‘We’re not the Stasi!’ Parry slams road safety cyclist for filming drivers on their phones

POLITICAL commentator and radio presenter Mike Parry raged at a road safety cyclist after he filmed footballer Frank Lampard driving while on his phone and called his methods “overzealous”. Daily … Read More

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