Brazil school shootings: Police say 16-year-old suspect wore swastika pinned to vest during deadly rampage

Brazilian police said the 16-year-old suspect who allegedly killed four people and wounded 12 others in shootings at two schools in the southeastern part of the country wore a swastika … Read More

Walmart shooting gunman bought gun hours before deadly rampage and left a “death note” on his phone

The gunman in the deadly shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, bought the gun he used in the rampage legally hours before he opened fire on his co-workers, city … Read More

In his final White House COVID briefing, Fauci voices hope for less deadly COVID wave this winter

UNITED STATES – NOVEMBER 22: Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks about the coronavirus during the White House press briefing on Tuesday, … Read More

COVID-19 reinfection could be more deadly than first case, regardless of vaccination status, study says

The risk of death, hospitalization and serious health issues from COVID-19 jumps significantly with reinfection compared with a first bout with the virus, regardless of vaccination status, according to a … Read More

Reporter’s Notebook: A close-up look at the deadly and dangerous Iranian drones targeting Ukraine

They are not the most dangerous thing Russia is using against Ukraine in this war, but they are arguably one of the scariest. They are Iranian-made Russian-launched drones.  They are … Read More

Iranian forces continue deadly crackdown on protests more than 40 days after Mahsa Amini’s death

Iranian security forces opened fire Friday on demonstrators in a southeastern city that has seen weeks of unrest amid nationwide protests, activists said. They said the shooting in Zahedan killed … Read More

Florida county sees spike in deadly infections caused by “flesh-eating” bacteria after Hurricane Ian

Recovery efforts are underway in southwestern Florida as communities face a range of new challenges in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Along with the property damage that rendered homes inhabitable and … Read More

‘Serious risk’: Electronic games could precipitate potentially deadly heart arrhythmias

The findings underscore the importance of sharpening safety precautions around electronic gaming for children who have a condition that heightens their risk of fast heart rhythm disorders. Daily Express :: … Read More

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