Congolese military colonel sentenced to death, soldiers convicted in connection with protester deaths

A military court sentenced a Congolese military colonel to death and convicted three soldiers following the deaths of more than 50 people who were protesting the U.N. peacekeeping mission earlier … Read More

Newly revealed threats against Sikh activists in Canada, U.S. boost urgency to solve Nijjar’s death

The high-profile killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, an advocate for an independent Sikh homeland, has prompted revelations from fellow activists that they, too, were warned about threats to their lives. … Read More

UN says Russian troops torturing Ukrainians to death, reveals 1 survivor suffered shocks for ‘an eternity’

A U.N. commission tasked with investigating the behavior of Russian troops in Ukraine revealed Monday that Putin’s forces are “committing war crimes” and torturing people to death, including speaking with as … Read More

High blood pressure a concern worldwide, leading to death, stroke, heart attack: How to stop a ‘silent killer’

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just published its first report on the global impact of hypertension and how people can win the race against this “silent killer” that often … Read More

British tourist falls 300 feet to his death from Austria mountain ladder popular on Instagram: report

A British tourist has plummeted 300 feet to his death in Austria while climbing an aerial ladder that is popular in Instagram photos, reports say.  The 42-year-old — whose name … Read More

Second Las Vegas juvenile suspect arrested in intentional hit-and-run death of retired police chief: police

A second juvenile suspect has been arrested in the Las Vegas hit-and-run death of a former police officer who was intentionally mowed down while riding a bicycle, police said Tuesday. … Read More

Canada’s allies aren’t keen to take sides in confrontation with India over Sikh activist’s death

Canada’s Five Eyes allies showed little inclination Tuesday to wade into an escalating row between Ottawa and New Delhi over allegations that Indian agents were involved in the assassination of Canadian … Read More

Minneapolis police staffing level plummets to historic 4-decade low 3 years after George Floyd’s death: report

The Minneapolis Police Department, faced with historic upheaval in the wake of George Floyd’s death three years ago, reportedly dipped last month to its lowest staffing level in four decades. … Read More

Jazz legend Nat King Cole’s great-nephew, Tracy Cole, 31, stabbed to death in Atlanta: ‘Everybody loved him’

A Georgia man who was killed this week while on an Atlanta street early Thursday morning has been identified as the great-nephew of legendary jazz singer and pianist Nat King … Read More

Trial begins to determine if Colorado officers are guilty of manslaughter in death of Elijah McClain case

Elijah McClain’s fatal encounter with police began on a summer night in 2019 when a 911 caller reported that the young Black man looked “sketchy” as he walked down the … Read More

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