Alzheimer’s disease: New risk factor found for cognitive decline – ‘Cold sore virus’

Researchers from Oxford’s Institute of Population Ageing, Tufts University and the University of Manchester have discovered there is “growing evidence” that one common virus is involved in the development of … Read More

Dementia: ‘Moderate’ beer consumption may ‘reduce’ your risk of brain decline, says expert

DEMENTIA cases are climbing at full tilt, highlighting the pressing need to sharpen preventive measures. According to one expert, a specific type of alcohol may help protect the brain against … Read More

Dementia: Decline in two bodily functions linked to a ‘significant’ risk of disease – JAMA

DEMENTIA continues to exert colossal pressure on health bodies across the world. To stem the tide of the disease, researchers are bringing risk factors into sharp focus. Their latest research … Read More

Dementia warning: ‘Commonly prescribed’ drug linked to memory and thinking decline – study

DEMENTIA sends shockwaves through families and healthcare systems and there is no sign of it abating anytime soon. Ongoing efforts to understand the risk factors for dementia are throwing up … Read More

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