8 possible alien ‘technosignatures’ detected around distant stars in new AI study

Using a new machine-learning algorithm, scientists have picked up eight extraterrestrial signals that seem to bear the hallmarks of technology.  The research, published Jan. 30 in the journal Nature Astronomy … Read More

The James Webb Telescope detected the coldest ice in the known universe – and it contains the building blocks of life

Scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have observed and measured the coldest ice in the deepest reaches of an interstellar molecular cloud to date. The frozen molecules measured … Read More

New Zealand raises Taupo Volcano alert level after 700 small earthquakes detected below lake

Lake Taupo-area scientists in New Zealand raised the alert level of a volcano sitting beneath the country’s largest lake on Tuesday after detecting 700 small earthquakes below the surface since … Read More

Scientists have detected a “strange and persistent” radio signal that sounds like a heartbeat in a distant galaxy

Scientists have discovered a “strange and persistent” radio signal from a far-off galaxy that sounded like a heartbeat. Astronomers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and elsewhere detected the signal, … Read More

Polio detected in New York City’s wastewater, suggesting virus is circulating: “Alarming, but not surprising”

The virus that causes polio has been detected in New York City’s wastewater weeks after a case of polio was identified in Rockland County, north of the city, health officials announced Friday. … Read More

Tonga volcano: distress signal detected in low-lying islands after eruption, as first death reported

Regular contact with Tonga may not resume for weeks after confirmation the communications cable was cut in at least one place A distress signal has been detected in an isolated, … Read More

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