Pompeo calls out ‘deeply dangerous’ accusation Trump Pentagon didn’t notify WH of Chinese balloons

After the Biden administration reportedly said they would like to brief former Trump officials of three alleged prior Chinese spycraft flyovers of North America, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo … Read More

Princess Kate follows a trend started by Diana – even though Queen ‘really didn’t like it’

There are certain rules members of the Royal Family must reportedly follow when it comes to fashion. Following royal protocol was particularly important during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign as it … Read More

Velociraptors probably didn’t use their ‘wicked’ claws for slashing, surprising new study suggests

The wicked curved claw of the red-legged seriema (Cariama cristata) is held off the ground so that it always stays sharp.  (Image credit: Courtesy FossilCrates/Brian Curtice ) Deinonychus and its … Read More

Randi Weingarten ripped for tweet admitting ‘remote education didn’t work’: ‘Water is wet’

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten was criticized on Sunday for saying “remote education didn’t work” and for emphasizing the importance of “relationships” and building trust.  “What we have … Read More

Harry claims Camilla ‘didn’t care’ about impressing him on first meeting as he wasn’t heir

Camilla, previously the Duchess of Cornwall, was married to British Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles, but the pair divorced in 1995, after which time she became romantically involved with Charles. … Read More

In testimony to Jan. 6 committee, former White House deputy chief of staff Anthony Ornato said he didn’t recall heated motorcade interaction with Trump

Anthony Ornato — a former White House deputy chief of staff in the Trump administration — as well as a former longtime Secret Service official — repeatedly told the Jan. … Read More

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