Man hates puppies, gets slammed on Reddit for cursing out dogs’ owner in dramatic park incident

A Reddit poster is not exactly winning friends and influencing people. Writing on the subreddit known as AITA (“Am I the a—–e”), a man going by the username of “Other_Computer_7702” … Read More

Newly available COVID-19 origins data could point to raccoon dogs in Wuhan market, study says

International scientists who examined previously unavailable genetic data from samples collected at a market in China close to where the first human cases of COVID-19 were detected say they found … Read More

When a neighboring building filled with dogs caught fire, these coworkers sprang into action to rescue them

There aren’t many people aside from firefighters who would run toward a fire. But when a Seattle business went up in flames last month, a group of coworkers sprang into … Read More

Panama City Beach police to use new K9 dogs, crime cameras to crack down on spring break drug use

Thousands of spring breakers are expected to hit Florida beaches over the next few weeks.  Spring break shenanigans, wild parties and underage drinking are nothing new for officers across the … Read More

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