World’s oldest runestone may contain the earliest example of writing in Scandinavia

Archaeologists have unearthed the “world’s oldest runestone,” a squat block of sandstone with etchings scribbled across its flat surface. The ancient stone, which archaeologists unearthed in Norway, could contain the … Read More

20,000-year-old cave painting ‘dots’ are the earliest written language, study claims. But not everyone agrees.

A 21,500-year-old cave painting depicting an aurochs, an extinct cattle species, in the Lascaux caves in France. Notice the four dots (within the digital yellow circle), which may have had … Read More

‘Amazing!’ Big Bang breakthrough as NASA’s £8.4bn James Webb spots ‘earliest galaxies’ yet

WITH THE help of NASA’s most powerful space telescope ever, researchers have captured images that offer a glimpse into the early history of the universe. Daily Express :: Science Feed … Read More

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