6.8 magnitude earthquake kills over 1,000 people in Morocco, rescue efforts underway

A powerful earthquake shook the country of Morocco on Friday night, causing widespread destruction and casualties. The quake, a magnitude-6.8, destroyed buildings and crumpled walls across the five provinces at … Read More

Morocco earthquake updates: more than 600 people killed and hundreds injured as several cities affected

Earthquake measuring at least 6.8 magnitude and centred in High Atlas mountains leaves hundreds dead, others injured The US Geological Survey’s Psger system, which provides preliminary assessments on the impact … Read More

This baby was found under the rubble of deadly Syrian earthquake. Six months later, she’s thriving

Baby Afraa survived 10 hours under the rubble after the Feb. 6 earthquake in Syria crushed her parents and four siblings, killing them. When she was found, her umbilical cord … Read More

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