US to deploy additional troops to Estonia to strengthen defenses on NATO’s eastern flank

The United States will deploy additional infantry troops to the Baltic country of Estonia “in the coming weeks” to strengthen defenses on NATO’s eastern flank, Estonian defense officials said Thursday. … Read More

US considers supplying Ukraine, Eastern European allies with nearly 100-mile strike weapons

The U.S. is reportedly weighing a proposal from Boeing to supply Ukraine and Eastern European allies with munitions that will allow troops to strike Russian targets within nearly 100 miles.  … Read More

Military aid for Ukraine sees Eastern Europe weapon boom larger than that seen in Cold War

The arms industry in Eastern Europe has boomed since arms companies launched production to aid Ukraine, it has emerged. The weapons manufacturers in Eastern Europe are producing guns, artillery shells … Read More

Pyongyang, Moscow express interest in sending North Korean workers to rebuild eastern Ukraine

North Korea is hinting that it is interested in sending construction workers to the Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine to help the Kremlin’s efforts to rebuild in the war-ravaged areas as … Read More

Emergency alert telling all of LA, ‘Eastern North Pacific Ocean’ to evacuate was sent in ‘error’: authorities

An immediate evacuation notice from the Emergency Alert System that interrupted regular TV programming in the Los Angeles area Wednesday, telling the entirety of L.A. County and the “Eastern North … Read More

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