Airheads candy challenge goes viral as TikTok users discover they’ve been eating it ‘incorrectly’

A new viral food trend is leading candy lovers to shake their Airheads because the action reportedly gives the chewy taffy a new shape and taste. The technique has been … Read More

Nicolas Cage reflects on eating cockroaches twice in ‘Vampire’s Kiss’: ‘I’ll never do that again’

Nicolas Cage went the extra mile for his role in “Vampire’s Kiss” by eating bugs. The iconic Hollywood actor reflected on when he ate several cockroaches for the 1988 cult … Read More

2 orcas slaughter 19 sharks in a single day in South Africa, eating their livers and leaving them to rot

A pair of killer whales has embarked on yet another killing spree, eating the livers of 19 broadnose sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) and leaving their carcasses to wash ashore off … Read More

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