Heart drug combining 3 medications in one is added to World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines

A heart drug that combines three medications in one pill — otherwise known as a polypill — has been included in the List of Essential Medicines from the World Health … Read More

50p cupboard essential ‘dissolves tissue’ on washed clothes ‘without causing damage’

Fragments of tissue in the washing machine and on clothing items can be frustrating and difficult to remove. Luckily, a cleaning expert has shared exclusively with Express.co.uk a 50p solution … Read More

Get rid of ‘smelly’ towel odours ‘completely’ with ‘cheap and essential’ household items

Towels are supposed to look comfy, feel soft, and smell fabulous. However, at times households may find that their towels have a less-than-pleasant odour. While there are various reasons why … Read More

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