DeepMind scientists win $3 million ‘Breakthrough Prize’ for AI that predicts every protein’s structure

Scientists from Google DeepMind have been awarded a $ 3 million prize for developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system that has predicted how nearly every known protein folds into its … Read More

‘Not every measure will be popular’: Truss says voters may not like all her pro-growth measures – UK politics live

Latest updates: prime minister says she is willing to implement unpopular policies to try to boost growth in the UK Rosie Cooper has indicated that she intends to stand down … Read More

Nearly every major fact-checker has completely ignored Karine Jean-Pierre since taking over for Psaki

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has remained largely unscathed from the fact-checking crowd since taking over the podium for Jen Psaki, with nearly every major fact-checker largely ignoring the … Read More

Energy lifeline as Rees-Mogg poised to hand Brits major North Sea boost: ‘Every last drop’

As previously revealed by, Mr Rees-Mogg, who was Boris Johnson’s Brexit Opportunities minister, has been handed the role of Business Secretary. This puts him in charge of resolving the energy … Read More

Queen Letizia of Spain may have same breakfast every morning to ‘look 5 years younger’

“She’s probably working with an incredible self-tanning company, who promotes healthy, glowy skin by using essential ingredients that keep the skin healthy and hydrated,” she suggested. Excess sun damages the … Read More

How to live longer: Certain amount of exercise every day could add two years to your life

Speaking with, consultant personal trainer for – Ruth Stone – explained how just 10 minutes of exercise a day could benefit both our health and even appearance. She said: “There’s so much … Read More

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