AI expert warns Elon Musk-signed letter doesn’t go far enough, says ‘literally everyone on Earth will die’

An artificial intelligence expert with more than two decades of experience studying AI safety said an open letter calling for six-month moratorium on developing powerful AI systems does not go … Read More

Fashion expert shares the Kate style staple Camilla wouldn’t wear – she is ‘more modest’

A fashion expert spoke exclusively to about the difference between Camilla and Kate’s personal style. There’s one item Kate loves that Camilla would not wear, they claimed. Daily Express … Read More

Lawn expert shares ‘right time’ of day to mow lawn – ‘significantly’ helps grass ‘thrive’

With over a week into spring, gardeners are starting to resume tasks to get their lawn into shape by fertilising, feeding and most importantly, mowing the grass. Daily Express :: … Read More

Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s attendance at Coronation may ‘boost King’s image’ – expert

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex could “exploit their popularity” if they do make an appearance at the King’s Coronation this spring, it has been claimed. Daily Express … Read More

Heating expert shares ‘essential’ boiler checks Britons must do now – avoid costly repairs

Heating experts are urging Britons to check their boilers ahead of April, or homeowners could face “costly home repairs”. The experts have shared signs of a faulty boiler to look … Read More

Cleaning expert shares how to wash ‘unsanitary’ bath mats ‘correctly’ – avoid ‘mould’

Cleaning towels regularly is extremely important in maintaining good hygiene, but it can be easy to forget about the bath mats. However, according to experts, they are a hotspot for … Read More

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