High cholesterol may show up as yellow area around eyes – means condition is ‘very likely’

A condition called familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), which is thought to be genetic, is another cause of high cholesterol that shows symptoms. The Mayo Clinic explained that like xanthelasma, FH can … Read More

Julia Roberts’ ‘eyes popped’ after learning major director ‘wouldn’t work with her again’

JULIA ROBERTS went through a “trying time” during the filming of one Disney movie. After falling out with her director, she confirmed she had never before experienced a “turncoat” in … Read More

Tory leadership hopefuls ‘scratching each other’s eyes out’ in race to No 10, says Labour– UK politics live

Sir Keir Starmer tells the Guardian the Conservative party no longer has any sense of what it stands for Penny Mordaunt – the current bookmakers’ favourite – struggled to either … Read More

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