Israel-Hamas war live: Netanyahu vows to press on with ‘full force’ as fighting rages around main Gaza hospital

Israeli PM says there ‘is no alternative to victory’; al-Shifa hospital says babies are dying as power lost and WHO loses contact with staff See all our Israel-Hamas war coverage … Read More

Israel-Hamas war live: UN calls Gaza hospital fighting ‘reprehensible’ as Israel denies attacks

Israeli official says forces clashing with Hamas around al-Shifa hospital, which aid agencies report is in a ‘catastrophic situation’ The al-Shifa hospital director, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, has warned “we are … Read More

Israel-Hamas war live: Netanyahu says he is not seeking to ‘govern Gaza’; UN urges coordination on pauses in fighting

Israeli PM says he is not trying to occupy Gaza but the reemergence of a ‘Hamas-like entity’ must be prevented; UN spokesperson calls for coordination on pauses so aid can … Read More

Israel-Hamas war live: Israel to have ‘security responsibility’ for Gaza when fighting ends, says Netanyahu

Israel PM says presence would be needed in territory to prevention re-eruption of ‘Hamas terror’ Israel and Hamas at war: what we know on day 32 The US secretary of … Read More

Israel-Hamas war live: Blinken arrives in Tel Aviv and is set to call for pauses in fighting to allow aid into Gaza

US secretary of state says he will discuss concrete steps to minimise harm to civilians in Gaza on second visit to Israel in month Israel and Hamas at war: what … Read More

GREG GUTFELD: Thanks to the oppressed mindset, we aren’t capable of understanding what Israel is fighting for

So, imagine you’re on a subway and some wild man strikes your wife in the face. Before you can react, a bunch of activists jumps between you and the attacker … Read More

US-born IDF soldier fighting on front lines: ‘We don’t want to be here…but we have to protect our kids’

A U.S.-born sergeant major in the Israeli Defense Forces’ Special Operations Engineering Unit said Monday that the military is focused on preserving life and limiting the number of casualties among both … Read More

Fears Hamas fighting could spill over as Italy in talks with Middle East leaders over war

Italy is making significant diplomatic strides in the Middle East, striving to prevent the Israel-Palestine conflict from spilling over and destabilising the region further. Prime Minister Meloni’s administration, led by … Read More

Rocket strikes UN peacekeepers’ HQ in southern Lebanon as fighting escalates at Israel’s northern border

As skirmishes broke out between Israeli forces and Hezbollah militants along Israel’s northern border on Sunday, the United Nations mission said a rocket struck its headquarters in southern Lebanon. The … Read More

Gymnastics icon Mary Lou Retton ‘fighting for her life’ as she battles pneumonia, daughter says

American sports legend Mary Lou Retton, who captured the attention of the nation when she won the all-around women’s gymnastics competition at the 1984 Summer Olympics, has been hospitalized, according … Read More

Israel-Hamas war live: ‘hundreds of terrorists’ killed, says Israel, as fighting continues in south of country and Gaza

Hamas Gaza hideouts will be turned to ‘rubble’, Netanyahu says, after Saturday’s surprise attacks leave hundreds dead What we know so far on day two The Israeli air force has … Read More

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