Artificial intelligence helps doctors predict patients’ risk of dying, study finds: ‘Sense of urgency’

With research showing that only 22% of Americans keep a written record of their end-of-life wishes, a team at OSF HealthCare in Illinois is using artificial intelligence to help physicians … Read More

Dig at Canada ‘mass burial’ sites finds no bodies despite Trudeau, media firestorm: report

Four weeks of excavation work at a residential school in Canada reportedly failed to turn up evidence of mass unmarked burial sites, raising questions over the claims of widespread indigenous … Read More

Skipping the salt can reduce heart disease risk by almost 20%, study finds: ‘Know what you are consuming’

Skipping the salt could slash heart disease risk by nearly 20%, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, which was held in Amsterdam … Read More

These adult vaccines could reduce seniors’ risk of Alzheimer’s, study finds: ‘Heightened immune response’

Getting vaccinated against shingles, pneumonia and other illnesses could potentially reduce adults’ risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center … Read More

California woman finds ‘whole a–‘ man occupying crawlspace underneath her house ‘for months’

A California woman and her family were shocked after they found a man’s arm sticking out of their home’s crawlspace only to learn that he had been allegedly residing there … Read More

12th-grade boys becoming more conservative as girls trend overwhelmingly liberal, survey finds

High school boys are trending more conservative than in previous years, while girls of the same age are now moving overwhelmingly in the opposite direction, according to a study by … Read More

Pregnant women struggle to find care in ‘maternity deserts,’ new study finds: ‘We need more support’

For more than five million women in the U.S., getting maternity care is difficult or impossible. More than one-third (36%) of U.S. counties are considered “maternity care deserts,” which means … Read More

Just 4 minutes of intense daily activity could slash cancer risk among ‘non-exercisers,’ study finds

Logging hours in the gym isn’t the only way to reap the health benefits of exercise.  Just four to five minutes of “vigorous physical activity” could reduce cancer risk significantly … Read More

Heart attack death risk can double during heat waves and high pollution, study finds: ‘A perfect storm’

Certain groups of people may have twice the risk of dying from a heart attack during heat waves and high levels of fine particulate pollution, according to a new study … Read More

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