NYC’s gun-free zones don’t ‘make sense’ with experts calling strategy ‘low-hanging fruit’

Law enforcement experts are raising their eyebrows over New York City’s “gun free zone” law, which established a perimeter lined with laminated signs prohibiting the public from carrying firearms within, … Read More

Fruit juice can have a ‘dangerous’ effect on statins warns health body – can prove ‘toxic’

CERTAIN types of fruit juice contain compounds that stop statins doing their job. Harvard Health issues important advice for statin users who are tempted to mix the two. Daily Express … Read More

Cancer: The fruit shown to ‘selectively’ kill cancer – may be ‘more effective’ than chemo

DESPITE ongoing efforts to tackle cancer, the disease remains one of the leading causes of death around the globe. Several therapies, including chemotherapy, have improved survival rates. One fruit has … Read More

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