Lavender plants could become ‘floppy’ and ‘less hardy’ if gardeners make common mistake

Lavender plants smell incredible and are relatively easy to grow but one common mistake could cause the plant to become “floppy” and “less hardy”, according to an expert who spoke … Read More

Gardeners claim weeds growing through gravel die ‘instantly’ with ‘effective’ 55p method

Weed control is a major concern for homeowners, especially those with gravel drives. Luckily gardening enthusiasts have taken to social media to share how they best tail the issue. Daily … Read More

Gardeners urged to grow ‘longer lawns’ and avoid ‘lifeless green carpets’ this summer

Gardeners are being urged to “enjoy the beauty of longer lawns” this summer by The Wildlife Trusts and Royal Horticultural Society as they launch their ‘Bring your lawn to life’ … Read More

Key lawn tasks gardeners should ‘avoid’ during frosty weather – can have ‘lasting impact’

During the winter months, it’s common for plants and grass to be damaged by frost. Lawns can become particularly damaged as the frost literally freezes the individual blades of grass. … Read More

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