German authorities arrest 2nd person in treason case for passing secrets obtained by BND spy agency employee

German authorities said Thursday that they have arrested a second person in connection with a high-profile espionage case that embarrassed Germany’s foreign intelligence agency. Federal prosecutors said Arthur E., whose … Read More

Disease-riddled skeletons suggest leprosy and smallpox ravaged medieval German village

More than one-third of the individuals buried in an early medieval cemetery in Germany suffered from infectious diseases, a new study reveals. Researchers from Kiel University in Germany examined the … Read More

German police: Knife attack allegedly by asylum seeker leaves one teen girl dead, another wounded

A 14-year-old girl was killed and another teen girl was wounded when a 27-year-old man allegedly attacked them with a knife on Monday morning in Illerkirchberg, a small town in … Read More

German newspaper blames lack of partying by players’ wives and girlfriends for early World Cup exit

There is now an official scapegoat for Germany’s group stage elimination from the 2022 World Cup: The players’ significant others. Apparently, the Germans failed to advance to the knockout stage … Read More

Greek police arrest 35-year-old German citizen with 4 outstanding warrants for fraud, cybercrime

Greek police say that they have arrested a 35-year-old German citizen who has four outstanding arrest warrants on him for fraud and cybercrime, three from Germany and one international. The … Read More

German Catholic bishops fail to update teachings on sex after clash with Pope Francis

After months of controversy, progressive German bishops have failed to pass a document updating their teachings on sex, gender and masturbation. The document, “Living in Successful Relationships,” was rejected by … Read More

Outrage over German chancellor’s silence as Palestinian leader says Israel committed ’50 Holocausts’

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, issued a shocking tirade against Israel on Tuesday in the German capital of Berlin, where the Holocaust – the mass extermination of European … Read More

Rare 400-year-old ship found in German river is a stunningly preserved ‘time capsule’

Maritime archaeologists in northern Germany have discovered the wreckage of a 400-year-old cargo ship that “sank almost standing,” escaped decay from ravenous shipworms and still has the barrels of lime … Read More

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